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  • Age Related Memory Loss

    Simple Tips to Minimize Age Related Memory Loss

    Have you misplaced your car keys or eyeglasses? Did you forget that important item on your grocery list? Are you having trouble remembering your neighbor’s name? Join the club, because you are not alone. Everyone has forgetful moments, and they happen more often as you age. This does not mean you should take it lightly. […]

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  • Power Naps Improve Cognitive Function

    Power Naps Improve Cognitive Function, Memory, and Mood

    It’s no secret to anyone that’s taken a power nap before, you almost always feel better after you wake up. Quick power naps are most often thought to be a way to minimize feelings of fatigue or sleepiness, but a lesser known fact is they can also be used to boost your alertness, your ability […]

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  • Memory Palace Matteo Ricci

    The Memory Palace Technique and How Anyone Can Use It

    In this TED Talk, Joshua Foer, a journalist who “accidentally” won the U.S. Memory Championship, talks about some of the most popular short-term memorization techniques used by “memory athletes”. He followed the tournament trail and interviewed some of the top memory competitors over the course of a year. Most of the techniques he describes are […]

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